Savvy Business Women Member Agreement Rules

Savvy Group Membership Agreement & Rules
The rules & guidelines listed here are for everyone and are VERY important!!! ALL Savvy Business Women members MUST FOLLOW AND AGREE to the following rules! PLEASE READ COMPLETELY! 

You Must Have An Existing Business
To be a member of Savvy… you MUST have an existing business, either online or offline (a physical store). You can be just starting out, you can be successful, have an offline shop, online website, corporate website (consultant like Avon, Scentsy, ect), selling on eBay, Facebook, Artfire, Etsy, etc. We are open to everyone!

You Must Add Our Link To Your Site
The Savvy Business Women’s networking group has ONE MAIN REQUIREMENT to stay in the group. WE RESPECTFULLY ASK & REQUIRE ALL SAVVY MEMBERS TO HAVE A LINK BACK TO THE SAVVY WEBSITE SHOWN PROMINENTLY ON THEIR SITES at ALL times in exchange for being a member of the Savvy Business Women’s networking group. Please see it as a “membership due”!

Please CLICK HERE to go to our linking code page! Please place a link back to the Savvy in an easy to find spot… like the home page & the top of the links page which will make it easier for our moderators to find it when doing a random link check. If we cannot find a link back to the Savvy Business Women website, you will be REMOVED from the Savvy group! You will receive support, friendship, important information, etc. while being a member of the Savvy group… so it’s only fair that you help promote us in exchange!

{ PLEASE NOTE } Some business owners (consultants) have company owned sites and cannot put links on it. Many are allowed to mention our link ( in their “About Us” section on those sites and do not know it. If you definitely cannot put a link back to us in exchange, then you must place the Savvy Business Women’s networking group link in your signature line. Sorry… NO exceptions!

Setting Your Email Preferences
Please set your email preferences to what suits you best. All members are required to set their email preferences to either “individual email” or “daily digest” emails. It’s up to you. Anyone with the email preference setting of “no mail” or “special notices” will be removed from the Savvy Business Women’s group.

We want all members to be able to participate equally. If others who have email preference settings of “individual email” or “daily digest” get your post information but you don’t get theirs because you are either “no mail” or “special notices”… then that is unfair. We promote fairness in the Savvy group!

We Encourage You To Do The Following
1.) Feel free to send KUDOS for a Savvy member to the group anytime you like.

2.) Please feel free to invite and tell people about Savvy so that we can grow.

3.) Feel free to share with the group as often as possible. Please post any information you would like to share… we all want to know about you, your business, sales, discounts, contests, etc. We want to know YOU!

6.) Connect with many of the group members and make long lasting friendships!

7.) Please be sure to address the group in all posts.

8.) Please be sure to sign all posts (first name… but full name is good too).

9.) Please have your website name and url in your signature line under your name in all posts! : )

10.) Please cut and paste only the part of the message you are replying to.

11.) Please change the subject line as the subject changes.

NO Blatant Ads, Spamming, Or Email Harvesting
We will NOT TOLERATE blatant ads or spamming of any kind in this group… on or off list! You are forbidden to post any blatant ads to the Savvy group list, spam any of our Savvy group members, or harvest emails from posts on the Savvy group list. If you are caught sending blatant ads, spamming members, or harvesting emails… you will be removed from the group ASAP! **Sorry… no exceptions!**

Grouply Is Not Allowed Here
Grouply is not allowed here for any reason! Grouply has been known to steal important info, take over email addresses, and then spam everyone on your contact list. If you join Grouply, you will NOT be allowed to participate or be a member in our networking group.

Keep It Family Friendly
PLEASE keep all group posts family friendly! NO ADULT CONTENT ALLOWED!
Some of us have lil ones on our laps! : ) REMOVAL IF CAUGHT! **Sorry… no exceptions!**

No Political Or Religious Discussions
EVERYONE has their own political and religious views… so it’s best to keep them off the Savvy Business Women’s networking group! No one should have to listen to another thoughts, opinions, or feelings regarding political or religious views. *Religious holiday greetings are welcome… no matter what religion you are.

No Disrespectful, Untrue, Unkind Comments
You are forbidden to post any disrespectful, unkind, untrue, flaming, bashing, gossip, slanderous, defamatory, libelous comments about Savvy or any of it’s members through any means of electronic mail, such as: group posts, emails to others, etc. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Be sure to treat others as you would want to be treated in return.

We Are Not Responsible For Your Words
The Savvy Business Women’s group is NOT responsible for the views of it’s members. Comments posted to Savvy Business Women’s group list are the responsibility of the person who wrote them.

If You Can Not Agree To These Rules
We are a non-profit no ads networking group run by its members. We are very happy for your interest in the Savvy Business Women’s networking group; however, if you do not agree to our requirements, feel that you can follow these rules and support our Savvy members in return, then please do not join the Savvy group!