Quick Beauty Tips for Summer

Summer is here – are you taking some time to relax and enjoy it? Savvy business women know that we have to work hard to succeed, but keep in mind that we all need to take some time to unwind, recharge, and relax. I know, I know, there is work to be done, but it will still be there tomorrow.  This beautiful summer weather is fleeting. So take a deep breath, close Outlook, close your eyes and imagine a lovely picnic in a park with your loved ones. Feels better already, doesn’t it? Maintain that sense of calm and relaxation as we discuss a few quick beauty tips for these (relatively) lazy days.

Picnic shelter in a park

A nice place for a summer picnic

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Feel Beautiful All Summer

First, protect your neck (and other exposed skin)

First off, we’re going to cover the thing that covers you – your skin!  Healthy skin is the first step to feeling confident and beautiful, and there are many dangers lurking in summer fun that can damage your largest organ.  Any time you are going to be outside during the day, be sure to use a good sunscreen.  Personally I like Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer because it has a nice combination of high SPF, light scent, and no oily residue.

Whichever one you decide to use, though, make sure it has a high enough SPF for your skin tone and activity level, and (this is the biggie) REAPPLY IT REGULARLY!  Dabbing on a little before you head outside will only help if don’t stay out in the sun longer than the sunscreen stays on your skin.  And speaking of sun, don’t be fooled by cloudy days – those pesky UV rays can still peek through and get you.  The worst sunburn I ever got was on an overcast day in San Francisco.  Given that it was 60 degrees and cloudy, it didn’t even cross my Midwestern mind that a sunburn would be a possibility.  The next week when my face was peeling, I really wished I had at least put on a hat!

Next, keep your hair (down there) under control

If impromptu trips to the pool or the beach are likely, make sure you are bikini-ready at a moment’s notice.  Yes, the lazy days of shaving your legs once a month in winter are gone. You may be called upon to bare a whole lot of skin in a hurry (that sounds naughtier than it is, he-he!)  But unless you wax your underarms and legs, daily shaving is a good idea, as is getting a bikini wax.  Or if you’re not into waxing, find a good bikini trimmer.  You don’t want any embarrassing short & curlies sticking out of your swimsuit!

Finally, finesse your feet

Now that sandal weather is here, take care of your tootsies.  If you have callouses on your toes, now is the time to get them taken care of (and while you’re at it, get shoes that fit better!)  A regular pedicure will help your feet look and feel fantastic. And you can change your toenail color to match your outfit or your mood.  For something really exotic, try a fish pedicure!  Tiny little Chinese fish nibbling on your dead skin is a funky sensation, but it can really clean up your feet.

So there you have it, 3 quick ways for savvy women to keep feeling fresh and beautiful all summer.  Do you have any savvy summer beauty tips?  Share them in the comments!